Rwanda is a must-visit East African country. The country is nicknamed” the land of a thousand hills”, a name which supports its mountainous landscape. There are several other accolades which are synonymous with Rwanda; the country is considered as one of the cleanest and quietest countries in Africa.

Rwanda is a small country and its size promises every traveller a great safari – It is easy to visit many of the country’s tourist attractions within a matter of days. Though its size is a magnet to many of the tourists, there are many other tourists’ attractions that have supported the country’s tourism industry:

Rwanda is one of those few countries where is it possible to trek the gorillas. Gorillas have gained reputation for their uniqueness and having identical characters with humans. They are endangered species, and Rwanda has done a lot of conservation efforts to protect gorillas and to ensure that they keep on multiplying in good numbers. Gorillas are trekked in Volcanoes National park, and the park is just a few hours’ drive from Kigali International airport which makes it possible to do a one-day gorilla trekking-something which is close to impossible in other gorilla trekking neighboring countries. The introduction of the gorilla naming festival also known as the “kwita izina”, an annual event where all the baby gorillas born during the year are given names has attracted several tourists to the country. The unique festival has ensured that the country remains a top gorilla destination.
Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda is revered by many tourists because of its infrastructure-the city is clean, quiet, and has good road networks. The city tour is one of those activities that you can’t miss during a visit to Rwanda. Other notable tourist attractions include Akagera national park, Lake Kivu, Nyungwe national park, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Rwanda genocide memorial sites, and others. All the attractions offer unique experiences.

Culturally, Rwanda is blessed with unique cultures. And one of the cultural aspects that have fetched the country hundreds of thousands of dollars is the cultural dances. These cultural dances are a thriller to watch and are only possible in Rwanda; it is not easy to mimic them.
The tour guides in Rwanda speak at least more than one international language; most speak French and English-Rwanda official language was French but it was later changed to English.
With great people, nature, and wildlife; the visit to Rwanda promises good adventure. Bienvenue, you are welcome to Rwanda.

Activities & Experiences

Rwanda offer a unique tour activating to make your African Safari a lifetime experience.