Lavushi Manda National park

The Lavushi Manda national park was named after the Lavushi Manda mountain range which stretches through the park. The park is situated in the Muchinga province and it gained park status in 1972 after being a game reserve for over 30years. The park contains one of the highest points in Zambia. The Miombo woodlands dominate a particular section of the park. The lukulu and Lulimala Rivers flow through the park and they are the center of water supply throughout the park. A visit to the park shall reveal some of the inhabitants that reside within the park and in terms of tourism activities; there are numerous activities that are possible within the park.


Although it is the 11th widest national park in Zambia, the park lives to its promise as regards to wildlife. There are several wildlife species that reside within the park. Some of the common wildlife include: Lion, African Elephants, Hippopotamus, Straw-coloured fruit bats, Puku, baboons, rare blue Monkey, Warthog, Reedbuck, common duiker and several others. Several efforts have been made by the kasanka trust who partnered with the government to reinstate Lavushi Manda National park as a park of glory.


Fishing is a common activity once you visit Lavushi Manda National park. Fishing is done at the Luwombwa River where you stand the opportunity of catching some great species like tigerfish, barbel, and green head tilapia.


The park inhabits over 330 species of birds with some of the species being threatened-species. Some of the popular species within the park include bohm’s bee eater, raptors, swallows, collared flycatcher, Locustfinch, Anchieta’s sunbird, Finfoot, shoebill, Southern ground hornbill and others.

The best time to visit.

Most African destinations are best visited in summer around July-October when the dry season is on. The same philosophy is true for Lavushi Manda national park, during the dry season of July-October; you shall clearly witness several experiences once you decide to visit the park.

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